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Do you wish you could restore a tooth in your smile? Are you looking for a way to complete your smile? If so, you might consider a dental bridge. Dental bridges are an excellent way to restore your smile and missing tooth. In fact, they are uniquely made and crafted for your unique needs to restore your oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Frank C. Raymer, offers dental bridges to restore your oral health. Additionally, our team at Frank C Raymer DDS INC in Irvine, California, is excited to let you know more information about them and how they can restore your smile.

Here are a few facts about how they can restore your smile:
– It is possible to improve your speech with this restoration.
– To visually improve your smile, you might consider this prosthetic treatments to replace missing teeth.
– They can evenly distribute your bite force through your mouth.
– Missing teeth can cause problems with your chewing and eating abilities, which may be reversed with this therapy.
– The voids where missing teeth are can produce plaque and bacteria buildup.
– This restoration can last for decades with the proper care.
– They can help stop other teeth from slipping and sliding out of position due to missing teeth.

If you wonder if a dental bridge is right for you, or if you have questions about this treatment, please call us today at 949-551-2606 to make an appointment. Our dental office is happy to assist you and your oral health in any way we can.