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Mouthwash can have a substantial impact on your oral health when used as part of your oral hygiene routine. Did you know, there are multiple kinds of mouthwash that do different things for your oral health depending on your personal needs? Well, it’s true!

Your dentist, Dr. Frank C. Raymer in Irvine, California, encourages you to keep your smile healthy and to keep up with your brushing and flossing habits. To help you, our team has provided you this information on the benefits of mouthwash:

-Mouthwash can be beneficial for reducing the speed of tartar buildup. Typically, therapeutic mouthwash should be used for oral health care benefits.
-Whereas therapeutic mouthwash can help attack the underlying conditions of oral health risks, cosmetic mouthwash is merely designed for masking bad breath or freshening your breath.
-Therapeutic mouthwash has been shown to help prevent and eliminate plaque buildup.
-To help lower your risk for gingivitis, which is a known stage in the progression of periodontal disease, therapeutic mouthwash can help to clean out your mouth.
-Cavities, bad breath, gingivitis, and plaque can all be reduced by therapeutic mouthwash.

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