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A dental filling can often be used to repair an area of tooth enamel that has been compromised by a small cavity or minor dental fracture. This will replace the tooth enamel in the area with an alternate material such as composite resin. As the years go by, it’s possible for the strong bond between a dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel to weaken. This is even more likely to be an issue if the dental filling is large, or you’ve struggled to maintain good oral hygiene practices.

Sometimes the natural bacterial in your mouth can gain access to the internal tooth enamel behind the dental filling, where they can start to thrive.

If the pulp, nerve, or root of the tooth becomes affected by a newly formed area of tooth decay, it might cause you to experience toothache discomfort. In a situation like this you should not delay in seeking care from a dentist like Dr. Frank C. Raymer.

This often calls for Dr. Frank C. Raymer perform a root canal. This mode of treatment will remove all decayed material from the tooth and prepare sufficient structure to mount a crown. If you are in the Irvine, California, area and you are experiencing toothache pain in a previously repaired tooth, you should call 949-551-2606 to have it examined and treated at Frank C Raymer DDS INC.