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Have you noticed that when you go for a dental cleaning, how carefully and expertly your teeth are flossed? Have you ever wanted to perfect your own flossing skills? Here are some tips to help you floss to your maximum potential:

– Look for floss that is shred resistant so that it will not fail during normal use. The top shred resistant filling is single filament thread.
– Dental floss is tremendously important to eliminate plaque debris which brushing alone cannot reach.
– The best way to hold dental floss is to wrap each end around your finger on each hand, ensuring that there is enough give to move up and down the strand as needed.
– A standard flossing session should consist of a deep cleaning between each tooth, lasting around two or three minutes.
– Never use the same part of the dental floss more than once. This is why you will need a piece roughly 18 inches in length to enable you to clean each tooth with a new section.

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