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If you have a toothache, you are probably annoyed at the throbbing pain and the inability to chew and eat foods. If your toothache has lasted more than two days, if you have a fever or earache associated with your toothache, or if your ache is severely painful, it’s important to find the underlying cause and treat it as soon as possible.

First, you can swish your mouth with water or saltwater (to reduce swelling and eliminate infection) and floss your teeth. Toothaches usually result from having something stuck between your teeth or in your gums. If this doesn’t provide comfort, a more serious dental issue may be causing the problem, like tooth decay, a dental abscess, a fractured tooth, a damaged filling, infected oral tissues, or pressure from grinding your teeth.

At this point, it’s important to call Frank C Raymer DDS INC at 949-551-2606 and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. This is because the serious issues need to be treated right away. When you come to our office, Dr. Frank C. Raymer will examine your smile, take a few X-rays, and perform a few tests to determine the toothache cause. Then, he will provide the necessary treatment, like a dental filling, root canal treatment, or prescription antibiotics.

It’s best to avoid toothaches altogether by keeping up on oral hygiene and visiting your dentist twice a year for your six-month checkups. Would you like to know more about toothaches in Irvine, California? If so, call our office today! Our dental team will be thrilled to give you the information you seek. We look forward to hearing from you!